LEAD Youth Program

Law Enforcement Engaging in Activities Developing Youth

What is LEAD Youth

By connecting kids, cops, and the community, LEAD Youth facilitates a new dialogue with the next generation. By challenging presumptions and promoting mentorship, the LEAD Youth summer program strives for simple connections between kids and cops.

Who is Involved

The LEAD Youth program is an initiative of local police departments in partnership with the Fox Valley Family YMCA designed to cultivate positive relationships and interactions between police officers and the children in the communities they serve. We believe that through nonconfrontational, student-appealing enrichment programs, students and officers can create a bond that will empower youth to make responsible life choices.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

Montgomery Police Department

Plano Police Department

Oswego Police Department

Yorkville Police Department

How LEAD Youth Works

Program Initiatives

Law enforcement officers nominate 3rd-6th grade youth to participate in free summer programming and special events. These programs foster teamwork, enforce citizenship, and provide opportunities to interact with law enforcement officers and caring adult mentors.


Provide a safe and welcoming environment

Promote youth and community engagement

Increase positive relationships between youth and law enforcement

Provide fun, rewarding, and safe summer programming

Career awareness in law enforcement

What the Officers Have to Say

“It is incredibly important to engage and build trust with all of our residents. This program is a great opportunity to get to know some of the younger members within our community and a great way to foster a positive, strong partnership with them moving forward.”

“The LEAD Youth Summer Program allows officers and Law Enforcement personnel to interact with youth in a fun and engaging manner. We look forward to being a part of this event with an amazing community partner in the Fox Valley YMCA. This program is all about the kids which we all are at heart.”

"The Plano Police Department is committed to quality interactions with children in all of Kendall County. By collaborating with the YMCA and all of the partner police agencies, we have the opportunity to give back to the youth but also have a prime opportunity to influence the lives of those in the LEAD Youth summer camp. We look forward to the chance to foster positive relationships with the children in this amazing summer camp."

"Building trusting relationships between the youth of Kendall County and the police is essential when it comes to the future of our communities. We are excited to have positive interactions and allow kids to see the human side of our officers. The LEAD Youth Summer Camp is a great opportunity to show that the public are the police and the police are the public."

“We are so proud to be able to participate in the 2023 LEAD Youth Summer Camp program. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Being able to participate in a program that can help lead and shape the youth of our community is not only an honor but our responsibility”.

How You Can Help

LEAD Youth’s summer camp program requires funding for transportation, food & beverage, activity supplies, and more. Consider making a donation –– click below to donate today!