Day/week-long Summer Enrichment Programs

Your child is about to embark on their summer adventure, and our Early Learning Academy, Gymnastics, Dance, Music, Cooking, Arts, and Sports Departments have put together a summer full of fun and educational options for you to choose from. From Ultimate Frisbee to ukulele camp, or science-based learning to Lego building, these week-long camps are here to create experiences for your child that inspire, combat summer learning loss, and promote healthy living, all while making strong connections and friendships.

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Ages 3-5 | $65M/$85NM  |  Central
Set your child off on an adventure in learning and exploring in the context of “first-hand experiences.” The YMCA takes pride in offering program options conducted by experienced, degreed teachers who make learning fun. 

Animal planet  |  June 5-9  |  9am-12pm
Children will gain knowledge and understanding of animals that live here in the Midwest. Camp includes a field trip to Phillips Park Zoo! 

Out of this world  | June 12-16  |  9am-12pm
Has your child ever looked at the night sky and wondered what else is out there? Your child will have the opportunity to satisfy some of their curiosity as they learn and explore astronauts, planets, stars, the moon and our Solar System with a field trip to the Rocket Ship Park.

I Can Cook  |  June 19-23  |  9am-12pm
This program offers children opportunities to experiment with food, be creative, prepare nutritional snacks, and learn how it contributes to their health and well-being. A field trip to Rosati’s Pizza, where kids will make their own pizzas, will round out the week.

Pirates & Mermaids  |  June 26-30  |  9am-12pm
Ahoy mates and mate-ettes!  Come aboard the YMCA Preschool ship and have an amazing adventure on the sea.  Get those little pirates and mermaids learning about science as they search for lost treasures.  Kids will spend time in the YMCA pool, as well. 

Color me fun!  |  July 10-14  |  9am-12pm
This art camp will inspire kids to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. By doing so, kids feel empowered to be creative and expressive. It’s amazing to see just what kids design when given the freedom to explore and to express themselves creatively! Imaginations soar! This program includes a trip to Arts on Fire.

Under the Sea  |  July17-21  |  9am-12pm
Let’s explore the deep blue sea! This week the children will discuss those strange sea creatures that live deep under the water and explore what types of creatures swim around the reefs. This field trip will include a trip Prairie Point Splash Pad.

Trolls   |  July 24-28  |  9am-12pm
From the beginning, "Trolls takes you on a vividly colorful musical journey exploring the magic of the Trolls. Enjoy the movie "Trolls" while learning about the message of remembering how important it is to be ourselves and that we all have what we need to be happy inside of ourselves.  This camp will work on social-emotional friendship while incorporating interactive games, art, and songs.  (please bring a white t-shirt to tie dye).

Superheroes   |  July 31-August 4  |  9am-12pm
What's not to love about Super Heroes?  Strength, smarts, super powers, and the ability to conquer any obstacle course in the blink of an eye  Celebrate today's superheroes while learning positive character traits that support the Y's mission.  This field trip will take place at Bounce Town.

Inventor's Workshop  |  August 7-11  |  9am-12pm
Camp Invention provides every child with the opportunity to think the unthinkable, create new possibilities and discover solutions through hands-on learning. This exciting summer day program invites children to let their imaginations run wild through encouraged teamwork, creative problem solving and inventive thinking.  A field trip the Home Depot woodworking department is included.



Instructional Camp  |  June 5-8 |  Ages 6+  |  9am-3pm  |  $145M/$280NM
This camp is for girls 6+ and runs 9am-3pm, Monday through Thursday. We will work on all four gymnastics event, plus swim and participate in indoor and outdoor activities each day. New this year, all girls in Instructional Gymnastics Camp will receive a custom-printed leotard.  Campers should bring a swimsuit, towel, lunch, and a change of clothes.

Pre-School Camp|  June 5-8 |  Ages 4-5  |  9am-12pm  |  $80M/$160NM
Girls and boys will work on all four events plus have all the same fun as the older kids, including swimming! Campers should bring a swimsuit, towel, lunch, and a change of clothes.



Princess Ballet  |  Ages 3-5  |  $40M/$60NM
June 5-8  |  10-10:45am  |  Central
Each day will include a princess story followed by a dance that will include basic ballet positions, coordination, and rhythm. Get the full princess treatment on the last day of class with princess make-up and crown.

Hip-Hop Camp  |  ages 6-10  |  $40M/$60NM
June 12,14 & 16 - M,W, & F  |  9:15-10am  |  Central
Learn the different styles of Hip Hop at this exciting workshop.

Beginner Dance Workshop  |  ages 6-10  |  $40M/$60NM
July 24-27  |  9:15-10am  |  Central
Learn different styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop.  

Bitty Ballerina Camp  |  ages 3-5  |  $40M/$52NM
July 31-August 3  |  9:15-10am  |  Central
Calling all future ballerinas.  This fun camp will teach you fun ballet technique through fun songs and games. 



Painting camp  |  AGES 5-12  |  $50M/$75NM
June 5-8  |  11:30-12:30am  |  Central
This is a great workshop for creative kids. We'll use paint on different mediums including canvas, tiles, and rocks. 

Kids Art Mix  |  ages 6-12  |  $50M/$75NM
July 17-20  |  11:30-12:30am  |  Central
Create different art projects each day. We will use paint, clay, pencils, and more to create our works of art. 

Young at Art  |  ages 3-5  |  $40M/$60NM
July 31-August 3  |  11:30-12:15pm  |  Central
Our youngest artists will get to draw, paint, and use clay to make their own pieces of art each day.



Kids Cooking Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
June 5-8  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Kids will make different recipes each day and have an activity to go along with the recipe.

Cooking Around the World  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
June 19-22  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Take a trip around the world through cooking! Children will make a recipe from a different country each day.

Cooking Road Trip  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
July 17-20  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Travel across America with this cooking camp.  Each day we will “travel” to a different part of the country and make recipes based on the area.



Kids in action  |  Ages 6-12  |  $15M/$22NM
June 12-16  |  11:30-12PM  |  Central
July 10-14  |  10:45-11:15am  |  West
Stay fit and active this summer, join us for a week of kids fitness adventure!  From yoga to sports, Zumba to Werq – not one day will be the same.


summer fun

Tie-dye Rainbow Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
June 12-15  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Children are asked to bring multiple cotton items to tie dye during the week. Items can include shirts, socks, and pillow cases. After this camp, kids will have a collection of tie dye items. There will also be other art projects and cooking activities as well.

Under the Sea Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
June 26-29  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Take an adventure under the sea; learn about ocean life including, sharks and more. This camp will have craft and cooking activities plus fun ocean life themed games. 

Aloha Ukulele Camp  |  ages 7-12  |  $75M/$100NM
July 10-13  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Get into the tropical spirit and learn the basics of playing the ukulele. Kids will learn a few simple songs and enjoy other Hawaiian activities each day. The class fee includes a ukulele that each student will get to keep. Please register two weeks prior to the start of camp.

Christmas in July Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
July 24-27  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Come celebrate Christmas in July with us. We will make ornaments, decorate Christmas cookies, watch Christmas movies, and more.

Blast from the Past Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
July 31-August 3  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Each day of camp we will explore different decades.  Kids will craft, make popular era specific recipes, play games, and even watch an episode of a popular TV show.

Mad Science Camp  |  ages 6-12  |  $60M/$90NM
August 7-10  |  1-3pm  |  Central
Mad Science invites you to discover a week of all things science!  Do different experiments each day and discover new things.



Volleyball Camp  |  $75M/$90NM
June 12-16  |  July 17-21  |  Central
Ages 8-9 from 9-10:30am  |  Ages 10-11 from 10:30am-12pm
Ages 5-10  |  $75M/$90NM  |  9am-2pm

Super Sports Camp
Ages 5-10  |  $75M/$90NM  |  9am-2pm
June 5-9  |  June 12-16  |  June 26-30
July 10-14  |  July 17-21  |  July 31-Aug 4  |  Aug 7-11
Participants will work on speed, agility, strength and flexibility as well as focusing on a sports specific training. The sports specific training sessions will be for anyone interested in Basketball, Soccer, Football, or T-ball.  

Disc Golf Camp
AGES 11+  |  Central
July 17-21  |  12-2pm  |  $30M/$50NM
Camp will be instructed by a professional disc golf player and equipment will be provided.


Friday Movie Fun

Let the kids have fun and relax with us each Friday of the summer.  Each Friday is a different theme.  We will watch a popular movie and do activities based on the theme.  There will be a snack each day.  Please inform front desk of any food restrictions at time of registration.

Zootopia  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
June 9  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Watch this popular movie and then create crafts and play games based on this fun movie.

The Lego Movie  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
June 16  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Build and create with Legos, watch "The Lego Movie" and munch on a LLego-inspiredsnack.

Superheroes  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
June 23  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Every kid is a super hero! Let’s celebrate it by being superheroes for the day.  We will do fun activities and watch the movie, “The Incredibles.”

Finding Dory  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
June 30  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Explore the ocean at this fun day.  We will watch this popular movie and do fun games and activities.

Trolls  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
July 7  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Let’s have fun with the trolls!  We will watch the "Trolls" movie and play fun games and activities.

Explore Hawaii  |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
July 14  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Let’s travel to Hawaii with Moana!  We will watch the "Moana" movie and fun Hawaiian activities.

Space Exploration |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
July 21  |  1-4pm  |  Central
To Infinity and Beyond! We will explore space and watch the movie “Toy Story.”

Sing! |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
July 28  |  1-4pm  |  Central
We will have fun singing along to "Sing!" and make crafts, as well.

Back to School Fiesta |  ages 6-12  |  $15M/$23NM
August 4  |  1-4pm  |  Central
Celebrate the end of summer with a fiesta! Kids will make fun crafts and watch the move “The Book of Life.”